Our vision

Our mission

Proud of our Grasse culture and origin, we employ inspiration from the know-how of fine raw materials for perfumery, offering high quality scent compositions on the national and international market, for all applications and industries.

The participation of Groupe NEROLI in the recent venture with Symrise is part of our commitment to enhance the agricultural heritage of perfume plants in the Pays de Grasse region, is based on our CSR policy and strengthens our desire to promote the unique ecosystem of expertise of pure French tradition.

« Our paths crossed with Symrise at the right time where the Groupe Neroli was projecting to develop and diversify our naturals activity. Our creativity and agility as a dynamic human-scale organization will bring authenticity and spontaneity to the enterprise. Our partnership with Symrise relays a message of strength and vision to address sustainability in the future of the perfumery business. »

Christian Dussoullier, previous CEO

Our vision

  • Build a modern factory sized for our ambitions - target of 50M € in 2025

  • Offer a level of production quality equivalent to the best in the market

  • Strengthen our know-how on quality and natural ingredients

  • Work with clients, family groups who feel comfortable with our size

  • Create strategic partnerships to grow faster

  • Build an efficient and united work force

Our creative teams master the development of signature scents which best express the identity of a brand, a range of products, a particular place ...

Building strong partnerships by engaging with passionate professionals around the world, to ensure the growth of our fragrant future.

Our sales coverage

Giving our teams access to qualitative raw materials, know-how, technicality and knowledge of trends and markets to build the competence of our fragrance composition professionals.

Our job offers